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Quotes and opinions on book-burning/censorship

1. John Milton stated that " he who destroys a good book, kill reasons itself."

2. "The future German man", the Reichminister declared in a speech "will not be a man of books"

3. Heinrich Heine, had declared: "wherever books are burned,human beings are destined to be burned too."

Some information about book-burning

1. February nineteen thirty three, just a few days after Hitler gained position of chancellor, the government enacted the law of protection of German people, and this where it all starts.

2. Dictators, countries, schools, parents have banned numerous texts over decades.

3. Everything around nineteen thirty three was controlled by the Nazis, so this led to burning books, this lets the Nazis and Hitler control what the German people see and what they think.

4. The chief function of propaganda is to convince the masses, who slowness of understanding needs to be given time. -Hitler

5. These gathering were usually carried out in public context and usually proceeds from a cultural, religious,or political oppisition.

6. On April sixth, nineteen thirty three, the Nazi German Student Associaton's main office for press and propaganda"action against un-German sprit.

7. On the night of May tenth, nineeteen thirt three a crowd of 40,000 people gathered in the opernplatz.

8. Book banners often cite reasonbs of inappropriateness, obsentity and danger to public.

9. The cheif function of propaganda is to convice the masses, who slowness of understanding needs to be given time.

10. There was more than 25,oo books burned by Germans/ Hitler.


1. Censorship or book burning creates issues for children, society, and morals.

2. Fear of the new and unfamiliar may be the underlying cause of much censorship.

3. Censorship occurs when governments leaders or other groups feel threatened by critics of the government.

4. Censorship was rampant throughout Nazi Germany. This was a very bad thing and was destined to turn into something so terrible.

5. Censorship ensured that Germans could only see what the Nazi hierarchy wanted people to see and hear what they wanted.

6. Everything around nineteen thirty three was controlled by Nazis, this was censorship. this was tearing apart Germany very fast and making it a horrible place.

7. The prime mover in censorship was the minister of propaganda.

Issues that could've encouraged the act of book-burning

1. The United States first amendment to the constitution seems to promise freedom to take unpopular sides of issues.

2. Freedom of speech people as racists is still very much an issues almost everywhere.

3. The elimination of these documents was carried out in a ceremonial fashion.

4. The Nazis burned anti-national and reactionary texts and literature witch students viewed as "un-German".

5. While censors of literature and other meduia may have good intentions, they often fail to reconize the negative affects.

6. Everything around nineteen thirty three was controlled by Nazis, so this led to burning books.

How it started

1. The first target of Aldof Hitler and Nazi organizations was to burn book because it is a big influence on people.

2.The act of book- burning started in 1933 right after Hitler seized power in Germany.

3. The association went to great lengths to advertise these gathering through the media to get as much people as the Nazis could get so everyone knew what was happening.

4. All works authored by Jewish, communist, pacifist, socialists, anarchist, and classic liberals were fair game.

5. Newspaper ads were run and announcements were made on German radio.

6. Nazis are the main ones to host these gatherings but sometimes communities or associations would have their own.

7. Burning of books that advocated ideas contray to Naziu thinking or books written by Jews or anyone who dissagreed with their propaganda.

8. Around may book burnings began on collage and university campuses, ten percent books in public Germany were destroyed.

9. This "clarifacation and entrecity" was the first attack, it was written by Wolfgang Herrmann.

How were the people affected

1. Book burning proved to supposedly weakened and corrupted by un-German ideas and intellectualism.

2.Books are more than ink and paper its so much more.

3. Before Hitler, German university towns had been counted among the world's great centers.

4. Under Hitler, Germany's intellectual vitality quickly began to diminish.

5. About ten percent of Germany's university teaching force was sockedf in nineteen thirty three through nineteen thirty four during book burning.

6. In collage classroom professors gave lectures amid the nagging fear they might be denouced by students and might end up in a concentration camp.

7. Book-burning was very encourged all around Germany but mainly in librarys and universitys.

8. There was a guideline books for librarys to ban and to get rid of books when the book-burning began.

Who all participated

1. At the meeting places, students threw the "un-German" books onto bonfires with band-playing, so called "firefire oaths".

2.In a symbolic act of significance, on May tenth, nineteen thirty three, university students burned the books.

3. The scripted rituals called for Nazi officials, professors, and university rectors.

4. The volumes consigned to the flames in Berlin and more than thirty other university towns around the country.

5. Most of the professors eagerly surrendered their intellectual honesty and took the required Nazi oath.

6. Over- forty angencies had lists ennumerating four thousand one hundred publications to be banned.

7. The German Students Association conducting a propagnda between April twelfth and May tenth.

8. Berlin Librarian Wolfgang Herrmann created these"cleansing" instructions.

Some of the most burned books

1. The bokks that were burnd were mainly Jewish but they also burned books that went against theiur morals.

2. Albert Einstein's books got burned because he was acually Jewish.

3.Alfred Kerr's books got burneed becuase he was also Jewish.

4. Heinrich Mann's boks got burned becaus ehe went against German morals.

5. Karl Mark's books got burned because he had strong ideas and was creative.

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