Women Embracing Entrepreneurship Allison Kufta

Women face challenges in equality in Sub Saharan Africa. There is political and economic progress for gender equality, however.
More girls today are going to school (college and beyond), which is essential for women to attain economic freedom, leadership positions, and to narrow the gender gap.
"One of the roads most travelled by women and girls to escape unemployment and attain a sustainable level of economic freedom is the road of entrepreneurship" (Atanga par. 4).

"In sub-Saharan Africa, gender gaps in the labour market reduce the gross domestic product per capita by nearly 9%. But those gaps are narrowing as women’s labour force participation rate in the region has been steadily rising" (par 13).

A premier example of organizations working to fill the gender gap in unemployment

She Leads Africa Start up that aims to provide mentorship and training to help young women succeed in business.Based in Nigeria founded by two women- Yasmin Belo-Osagie from Nigeria and Afua Osei from Ghana

A Specific Program of SheLeadsAfrica- SheHive: helps women acquire funding for their businesses and also offer access to articles, webinars, and training.

  • Trained and mentored over 200,000 women and girls in over 30 African countries.

Not only does fostering women's success improve their lives, it also improves the economy of African countries as a whole.

A Success Story

Additional coverage at CNN

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