Statist Thugs By Post Freedom

The Decentralization Of Thought

2014 | Punk


“I think I died an hour ago. -- There's no one here that I know. -- Gunned down by statist thugs. -- They never cared for my free will. -- There is only virtue in voluntary."


  • Matt Bergman, of Punk Rock Libertarians, was the singer, guitarist & songwriter for Post Freedom as well as TENWATCH.
  • Many of the song topics from "The Decentralization of Thought" were inspired by Thomas Paine's "Common Sense.".
  • With Post Freedom Bergman's goal was to make a punk band that was unmistakably & unapologetically libertarian.


Luke Tatum

Cool jam. The line "If you don't want to talk to her you don't gotta talk to her." has an interesting meaning here: The state, and all of its various tentacles wrapped around every pillar of society ("Propaganda, Hollywood, booze, drugs...") is hard to ignore, but not impossible. I used to go to the movies all the time. With friends, on dates, even alone a few times. It was something to do, so it was valuable to me. Hollywood, for its part, had taken a firm hold on me. My thoughts and conversations turned frequently to the latest films, and I spent a good portion of my downtime watching movie trailers. These days, I have only the vaguest awareness of what movies are in the works, and I go to the theater an average of once per year. Despite my other thoroughly human flaws, I'm not getting my conversation topics from Hollywood. So I guess you could say: I don't want to talk to her.

Sherry Voluntary

I won't pretend to understand this song. It seems pretty disjointed to my mind. I will talk about this line, "There is only one virtue in voluntary." That is true and that virtue is consent of the individual. A persons willingness to cooperate with any action that does not bring harm to another that is not consenting is of the utmost importance. Most people in this world don't truly believe in consent, and that's a crying shame.

Nicky P

This song can't help but make me think of how our police handle their jobs. When talking to Matt I asked what he was trying to get at because it seemed like maybe the concept was too simple. True to punk form, it was exactly what it seemed like. A dead man watching over his own body in the aftermath of a police murder. Make no mistakes any death at the hands of police is murder. Perhaps it's justified but any death at the hands of law enforcement deserves it's day in court. More importantly it deserves it's day in court judged by a jury of the citizens not other police. They' hidden for too long behind the thin blue line. We have literally set up an incentive program where it's better to kill a suspect than to deal with the ramifications. What's the old saying, dead men tell no tales. Certainly not one a cop wouldnt have to sign off on. Wink wink.

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Nicky P