An adjective is a word or a phrase used to describe a noun by using an attribute. Adjectives are very useful when writing because it helps the reader to understand and picture a scene the writer is describing. Adjectives are perfect when trying to add more pizzazz to your sentence. Instead of saying "The car failed to stop on the cliff." , you can say " The red sports car failed to stop on the steep, rocky cliff." See, isn't that more interesting?

The drivers name was Bob. Bob did not pay attention to this sign.

Okay, well enough about what adjectives are and Bob. We are going to tell you about why adjectives are the best part of speech. Ready? Of course you are! And if you're not, I'm still going to tell you why.

Adjectives make the world a bit more interesting, a bit more brighter! Pun intended.

A world with out adjectives, is a world without color. Literally! If adjectives did not exist there would be no such thing as "a red car", it would be "a car." Where's the fun in that? Exactly! There is no fun in that. A book without adjectives doesn't even have a right to be called a book. Which sentence would you rather read? "The mystical forest is extremely far away, it is located in the treacherous, icy desert." Or "The forest is far away, it is located in the desert." You would read the first one right? The other sentence is boring if I do say so myself.

Some examples of adjectives may include...

-funny -icy -cold -hot -spicy -smart -silly -fun -calm -kind

Adjectives are the best type of part of speech because it spices up life and makes everything a bit more interesting. Its like icing on the cake.

Thank you!!



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