Modelling Change Project By:ELsie Privitera

I chose percentage of people in poverty in Africa because it is a subject that I am not only interested in, but can also help us predict the future and based of of the predictions make changes in order to lower the percentage of people.

The first line of best fit.
Second line of best fit.
Third line of best fit.
Overall line of best fit.
The graph with lines of best fit.
Graph without all lines of best fit.
Overall best line of fit table and Formula.
First best line of best fit table
First best line of fit formula.
Second best line of fit table
Second best line of fit Formula
Third best line of fit Table
Third best line of fit Formula

According to my graph, 72% of Africa will be in poverty in 2067, and 82% in 2112. I do not think this is true because as you have seen towards the end of my graph the data points get lower, ( the percentage of people in poverty) which proves my graph wrong. I think the percentage of people in Poverty is starting to go down rapidly because the world is starting to pay more attention to the fact that more than half of Africa was living in poverty. Also, organizations such as the World Bank or Unicef have been expanding and gaining more money, which they then give to People in need of food, water, education, and more. Also, athletes have been donating more an more money to those in need of it lately. For example Roger Federer, a top ten tennis player, is working with organizations to give his money that he has won in tournaments to people who live under a dollar fifty a day in Africa. It is important that we make graphs like this so that we can always be prepared and change the way we do things to make sure the future is always heading in a positive direction.

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