Bismuth Adopt an element

The atomic symbol for Bismuth is Bi. The atomic number is 83. The atomic mass is 208.9804

Electrons; 86
Protons; 86
Neutrons; 126

Bismuth is commonly found in the form Bi2S3 or bismuthinite.

bismuthinite in natural form.

Bismuth was naturally discovered in 1753 by Claude Geoffroy.

Bismuth has been known since that fifteenth century.

Bismuth is considered stable, but is radioactive when it has a slow rate of decay.

Bismuth Subsalicylate is in Pepto Bismol.

Bismuth has an unusual high electrical resistance for metal.

Bismuth was among the first group of ten metals to be discovered and classified.

If a cube of Bismuth is inbetween two Bismith plates and a magnet is above the plate the cube will levitate. The Bismuth produces a magnetic field in opposition to any applied magnetic field.

Bismuth is used in everyday life by being in insoluble compounds to treat stomach ulcers and some skin surgeries.

Bismuth is also used in fire sprinklers by being an alloy of bismuth,lead, tin,and cadmium.

Bismuth can also be used in cosmetic mineral powders.


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