Fair Trade Provides for Many Creating a safe environment for workers on the field

Local coffee shops should sell fair trade coffee because of the benefits fair trade coffee companies provide for their workers.

Fair trade coffee companies are designed with the mindset of not only benefitting customers with quality coffee, but also benefitting the farmers who produce the coffee beans.

Regulations are set in place for the conditions of coffee producing workspaces to ensure proper safety for farmers.

Other regulations set cause workers to be paid right when they hand the beans over to the companies, and not only when or if the coffee sells.

Because it is not a question of if they will get paid, fair trade coffee farmers can afford to pay for things they may not be able to afford while working for conventional coffee companies, like schooling for their children.

The purchase of fair trade coffee may cause the increase in the number of fair trade companies around the world in the future, and therefore, bring about better treatment of coffee farmers.
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