Canada is the second largest country in the world and has a large diversity of people . The population of Canada 33,500,000 as of 2011. The capital of Canada is Ottawa,Ontario. Its been 150th years of confederation , here are some things that Canada has the best to offer.

Rights and freedom


Rights and freedom are important because it has helped many problems in our world, like we have gay rights and lesbian rights (LGBT)(Schwartz.) and women rights and freedoms.etc without these rights and freedoms and many more our world, in my opinion would be a disaster.

There many kinds of rights and freedom in Canada, everyone has a freedom and right of thought, belief, opinion, and freedom of expression, including freedom of press and other media of communication. There are Democratic rights, mobility rights , legal rights, education and many more. In my opinion, i think freedom is important in Canada because freedom gives us happiness, freedom means having the right to speaking your mind , having freedom gives you the right to openly express our self, without freedom our world wouldn't be like its today. we have rights and freedom that some countries do not and that is why Canada is lucky and that is why Canada has rights and freedom.


Canada's climates varies all around Canada , snowy, windy and sunny. In regions the temperatures can climb up to 35 degrees Celsius in the winter and 25 degrees in and lower in the winter. Canada's climate is characterized by diversity , as temperatures and precipitation differs depending on where you are and what time of the year it is. other than the north wheres it above freezing, most Canadian are within 300 Km of southern boarder because no Canadian wants to live in the north because its to cold and therefore you don not see that many people in the north, there are mild spring, and crispy autumns, it is a great places to live because of the climate and people.

Health Care

instead of having singe national plan,(health care of top importance to Canada.) we have 13 provincial and territories health care insurance plans. Under this systems , all Canadian residents have reasonable access to medically necessary hospital and physician services without paying out of the pocket. So therefore Canadians do not pay for health care access. Health care is important because it creates jobs for hiring doctors and keeps communities safe .

In conclusion, where I live, which is Canada is the best Country in the world and i think more and more people should visit it because its amazing, i hope you enjoyed me talking about Canada and what Canada has to offer. THANK YOU!!


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