St. Francis Xavier by: Matthew riedl

St. Francis of Xavier's feast day is December 3rd. He is the patron saint of Catholic missions.

When Francis was old enough he went to the University of Paris to study where he was encouraged to become a priest.

He is a co founder of the society of Jesus along with his partner Saint Ignatius of Loyala

He did a lot of missionary work and most of it was in Asia. Specifically the countries of China, Japan, Malacca, and Amboina and ternate.

We can continue to learn from the works of Saint Francis Xavier because of what he did for the church. He dedicated his life to being a missionary and helping the poor and less fortunate. It is hard to give up what you have and dedicate your life to Jesus but it is what we are called to do and if we do it we will be rewarded in heaven.


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