Inprisoned Author-Chris shin

Smash! “You’re going to be in here for a long time you filthy murderer!” I hear from outside the bars. The memories come to me, blaring lights, loud yelling, banging on my front door, and a bloody knife on my dresser. They say I murdered a family of 3. I know better though. The memory keeps on playing through in my mind. The other inmates call me crazy. I say I’m sane. I remember when I first came here. I was afraid.

When I came out of my cell, there was a young man a few feet away from my cell. He looked at me, almost sizing me up. He then rasped

“Hey there. Seems like you're a newbie. I can show you around and maybe even help you. But it comes at a price.”

“No I’m fine” I reply back, feeling as though there are people breathing down on my back. As I turn around, I feel the wind being smacked out of me.

“Urgh!” I groan. “What was that for!”

“It's for rejecting my offer.” The man drawls then yells,“Winston! Johnny! Pick him up!”

“Yes sir!” people behind me say. I feel being lifted up, then being punched repeatedly in the stomach.

“This will teach you to reject an offer from the Murdoc!” He screeches.

“It’s the Teddy Bear! Run!” one of them screams and I see them dash off.

Then huge muscular man came to me and declared, “The names Jerry, but the people around here call me The Teddy Bear. What's your name?”

“Nice to meet you Jerry. The names Al,” I say looking at his muscles and wondering how he got the name “Teddy Bear.”

“Seems like you're new around here.” He starts again, “That was Murdoc you ran into. You probably don’t want to deal with him. Then again, you just have to deal with him for 3 more years. Then this place will close down. Alcatraz will be no more.”

“Why is that?”

“The government just doesn’t have enough money to keep the place running. The pro of this is that there are less guards now. Why are you in here for. I betrayed the army, and I got off lightly.

“I prefer not to say why.”

“Oh, well, see ya!”

“Alright bye,” I call back. I think of what Jerry said about there being less guards. If that was true, it could be possible to break out. So I decide to start thinking about a plan. A few hours later, I had a plan, and it involved Jerry. So I started to look for him, and I found him by the courtyard. I stepped out into the courtyard feeling a cool breeze flow by me.

“Do you want to escape” I implored.


“Well I got a plan. So what we’re going to do is We’re going to first get a cup of hot water, splash it in a guard's eyes, then knock him out. You're going to wear the uniform, get close to a guard and knock him out and take his uniform.Then we’re going to walk out free.

“We’re on a island.”

“There’s a ferry. We can hijack it. This plan starts at 1:00. Come to my cell with the uniform.”

“Very well then. I will see you later tonight,” He declared as he walked towards the canteen.

Later that night, I woke up to see Jerry with a uniform.

“Let's go.” he whispered as I put on the uniform. We started to silently walk towards the main gate. As we neared the dock, a bright and blinding light shone on us.

“Escapes!” someone shouted. My mind started racing. I didn’t know that they would find us that fast. Then I felt a shove.

“Go! I’ll hold them off!” Jerry yelled, grabbing a branch from the tree.

“I can’t leave you here! I have to repay in someway!”

“If you want to repay me, Tell me why you were sent here.”

“I was accused of murder. I never killed anyone. It was my twin brother.”

“I see. You repaid me Now go!” he exclaimed. With tears in my eyes I ran towards the still ferry. I got on and started the engine. As I get to the wheel, I look back and see Jerry get beat up and chained.

“He’s over there! Get him!” I hear a guard shout. I look back towards the sea. I need to focus if I want Jerry’s sacrifice not to be in vain. I was going to get Jerry free, no matter what the cause, but I have some business to attend to first.

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