the option by:heman brown

Gary wants to be starting quarterback, but Shane is coach's favorite. Gary plans to expose Shane for drunk driving and take the starter's spot. But when Gary discovers the cause of Shane's behavior, will he change his mind

gary jayo just recently moved into the town and is been wanting to be quarterback for the troy central high school but hasn't had the chance because of the starting quarterback shane. gary has been looking for a shoot to at the starting position for so long now and e thinks he finally has a chance when he catches shane on video leaving a party drunk .he was gonna post the video on youtube and send it to the principle so he could get shane icked of the team but then soon realizes that it wasn't worth it

theme number 1

there is a couple of themes i found in this book. like not judging a book/person by its cover, gary thinks shane acts the way he does because he is bigger than most of the kids in the school and the starting quarterback and that he gets away with anything because of the coach getting him out of trouble every time,but what gary don't know is what is going on at home with shane. in the book the coach tell gary to go and see shane at his house and talk to him.shane lives in the roughest part of town and has to take care of his younger siblings because his dad is never home and his mom is on bad drugs.

theme number 2

also in this book i found the theme of giving somebody a chance. in the book garys dad went to talk to the coach one day about giving gary a chance at quarterback. and then on day shane comes to practice drunk and gets hurt because he is being dumb and reckless. so gary finally gets the chance he has been waiting for. and when he does, the coach realizes that gary should been given the chance for the position just like everybody else got the chance at a position they was after. after gary subbed in for shane the team went on a 7 game winning streak.

gary led the team to a state championship and led them to win it against a rival school they hadn't beat in 6 yeras


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