Broken NL Burke

Don't judge what you do not know, because you can not see my soul. You know not the pain I've felt, nor the the heartache that's tore me down.
You know not the evil I've seen, or the love that makes me sing. You can not say that you feel my pain, when you know not of the devastating things that broke this heart that once was so true. Now here it lies broken and blue.
So, don't look down on me just because you think you know me, due to what you see. Because you truly do not know me.
I choose to rise and never die. I do not let the devastation control my life. I choose to live and give with everything I am!
This heart of mine will sing for as long as I survive.
I will love with everything. I may have been broken, but broken can heal. So I will just love as the pain disappears. NL Burke
Created By
NL Burke


Created with images by Giunea246 - "old broken window" • Pexels - "attractive beautiful crying" • sofiacarvalho - "broken glass, broken heart!" • chadkrue17 - "heart crack broken" • Sam Howzit - "Flying" • - "Last song played (c)" • Ben_Kerckx - "heart love heart shape"

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