Slices of life at the Former Athens Hellinikon Airport, before the casino is built. A couple in a car at night, a grandma peels green beans, two gravediggers pass by; people seemingly unconnected. Among them a little boy, whose toy airplane gets stuck at a huge palm-tree. He‘ll do anything to get it back.

I have only had one flight from Hellinikon airport. But I have experienced a couple of critical moments of my life at its abandoned spaces. Years later and in the meantime as a migrant to Germany, I am visiting my old neighbourhood, short before its transformation into a casino tourist resort. I have fresh memories waking up, I see old forgotten dreams, I meet people like myself. Being insecure with some approaching ending. At the same time daring for a new start.

Postcards from Hellinikon is a 22' tragicomic, slightly surreal snapshot of today’s Greece. A capturing of memories and a farewell before a new step. A personal souvenir from Hellinikon.

written & directed by__Aphroditi Katerinopoulou | cinematography__Pavlos Mavrikidis | original music by__Wassilis Demetriades | editing__Danae Katinou | sound__Chris Maragoudakis | costumes__Dimitrios Gonidakis

Alexandros Zacharis | Sotiris Tsakomidis | Thalia Stamatelou | Konstantina Daouti | Errikos Miliaris | Danae Loukaki | Panos Kammenos | Alexandros Konstantinidis | Katerina Alexopoulou | Fivos Symeonidis

© Aphroditi Katerinopoulou 2020

Created By
Aphroditi Katerinopoulou