The Resistance World War 2


Under SA guard
  • There were many resitance group through out Germany suprisingly
  • Some even tried to assassinate HitleR
  • The White Rose was one of th many resistance groups in Germany

White Rose

History and Success

  • Founded by Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl, Christopher Probst, Kurt Huber, Willi Graf, and Alexander Schmorell in 1942
  • Hans Scholl had witnessed the cruelty of the Jews first hand
  • Between June 1942 and February 1943 they prepared and distributed six leaflets
  • They wanted to get the university students to help stop the war, and they wrote "We will not be silent"
  • The German Youth Movement was an influence of for them
  • In 1942 they made and distributed four leaflets they copied as many as they could by type writer, but not more than 100
  • 35 of the leaflets were turned over to the Gestapo
  • It was risky to distribute leaflets because you could get caught
  • On February 1943 - 3, 8, and 15 - Hans, Alex, and Willi used tar and paint to write slogans on house on Ludwigstrasse
  • February 18, 1943 Sophie and Hans distributed them through out the university hallways
  • They then went to the atrium to throw the last few to the students, but they were caught and arrested

In the end Hans, Sophie, and Christoph were caught and tried at the People's Court in Berlin. They were guilty of treason and were sentenced to death on February 22, 1943. Later that year Alexander, Willi and Kurt were found guilty of treason and were executed as well.

They had wanted to get the students involved so they knew what was going on around them. It didn't work out exactly how they wanted it too. After they were executed the students went back to classes and life like normal. It may have made the students aware for the time being, but no one continued after they had passed away.

White Rose wanted them to show how they felt and try to get others to understand where they were coming from. Hans had seen what was happening first hand which is why he wanted to stand against it. The others saw what was wrong with what was going on around them and stood with him.


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