Digital portfolio By:Collin

For my first year of art I like the projects we do and how we have plenty of time to finish and fix any mistakes that we make. I want to take all the stuff I learn about art and put it in designing and building houses for others. What I like about this class is we don't rush we take our time on our art pieces and have fun. I learned a lot this semester one thing that I learned a lot about was the 2 point perspective and I want to learn more.

Elements drawing

This was my first drawing, we learned about all of the elements of art (texture, space, shape, color, value, lines, form) all of the elements you need to know about art. You need to know about the shape of the object and the texture of the object and etc.

Negative and positive drawing

This was the negative and positive space drawing. The negative spaces you only need to pay attention on the shape of the thing your drawing you don't need to go into deatail.

Before and after hand drawing

For the hand drawings there was a lot of negative space but for the places with positive space like the veins and the finger nails we a little hard. But there are also a lot of value on the hands and how some places of the hand are darker that other places.


For the profile I focused on the face and the hair. There was a lot of value and texture on this drawing. The texture was mostly on the sweatshirt but the value was on my face.

Stippling drawing

There is a lot value on the stippling drawing you needed to dot a lot more on the places with the most value and dot the least on the place with not a lot.

Still life drawing

With the still life there is a lot of space around it. But with the skeleton there is a lot of shape and texture to it and how you need to have the shape to every bone on the body and the texture to the skeleton.

Scratch board drawing

The drawing of the monkey has lots of texture and value. The most of the value is on its back and the least is on it feet. The texture of the monkey is all on the face.

2 point perspective drawing

With the 2 point perspective every line goes to the vanishing point to make the object look like it's going into the distance. But anything above the horizon line you can see the bottom of it and anything below the horizon line you can see the top. There are tons of vertical and horizontal lines in the drawing to show that it's going to the vanishing point.

Before and after portrait

The most successful element in my self portrait was my nose and my eyes I felt like it came easy to do them and then when it came to my hair and mouth I had to put more effort into it. Before t with the self portrait you need to have the right size, placement and location so make it look like you.

Oil pastel drawing

For the oil pastel drawing I did a mountain surrounded by nature with lots of colors and with lots of value. To get all of the colors you need you blend them to make the colors perfect.

The challenges of art was to figure out what kind of drawings I could do. I had to push my cunfurt zone. Because I did I figured out that my favorite thing was just taking an hour of the day to draw.

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