Good Life Performance by sean ennis

The Spatial Experience

Leaving the Theatre

My first observation when walking into Constans Theatre was how huge of a auditorium it was. At first I was worried that I would have trouble hearing and seeing the actors and all of their fine movements since I was seated in the middle of the theatre. Thankfully the actors spoke clearly and used hand gestures to portray their message to the audience. I arrived about 20 minutes early to the show so I was able to observe the stage set as well as the seating arrangements. A concern of mine was that the stage was going to be too large to keep my focus but once the lights dimmed, my eyes automatically focused in on where the directer intended. The role a place has in the Good Life is major, a setting that gives off a positive vibe will enhance ones experience and their overall life while a bad vibe can ruin ones time.

The Social Experince

At the show with friends!

I attended the performance with a few of my friends from back home and I feel that it made my overall experience a better one. I prepared for this speech by bringing a notepad and pen with me so I could take notes during the performance. Attending with my friends enhanced my experience because we were able to keep each other focused on the play without getting distracted. It also helped out because during intermission we were able to compare notes and share our interpretations of the performance. I feel part of achieving the Good Life is sharing experiences with others and learning things from their point of view so you are able to further grow as a person.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experince

Inside the Theatre

While this performance has a setting that took place in the past, it did not make me have a new understanding of our own culture, but it further reinforces that some of these same issues still persist today. The central issue in this story is that the church sends a letter to Sarah Bernhardt forbidding her to perform in town because she "sings the praises of adulterous love." This performance reminded me that women today still get criticized if they do something immoral whether it is posing nude or "saying something a women should not say." It is the central issue in the play and it still has roots in our culture today. The play made me realize how far our society has come in equality but we still have issues to fix. The subject matter does affect me because I have two sisters and I want them to have the same opportunities as me in the future.

The Emotional Experience

About to wait in line

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us in a few ways to show katharsis. In the play, Michaud is an avid note taker and his peers tend to think of him as a goofy man due to his love of theatre. I also thought he was an awkward character but I caught myself and wondered why I thought I had the right to judge someone for doing something they love. A big problem with humans is that we tend to judge others when there is no reason to. If someone gets a kick out of doing something I find weird, it should not matter what I think as long as that individual is living their life to their fullest potential. Another huge aspect of the play is that of religion and how it tries to stop Sarah Bernhardt from performing. In history, some religions would try to suppress those who did not hold their beliefs and that is what happens in the play. Even today there are religions that attempt to suppress those who do not share their values but luckily in the United States, we are for the most part tolerant of each citizens beliefs that makes them happy.


sean ennis

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