Care for the climate! Vote for pulse fishing

16 January, Strasbourg

In recent years, the Dutch fisheries sector has invested a great deal in pulse fishing. An innovative technique with many advantages. The coming weeks, we will explain these benefits in four news items. Today you can read about the advantages for the climate.

Pulse fishing: 50% fuel reduction


2.000.000 car trips Brussels-Strasbourg every year.

Each day, each Pulse vessel saves 4.500 liters of gas oil.

900.000 liters each year for the Dutch fleet only (65 ships).

Enough for 2.000.000 car trips from Brussels to Strasbourg with an efficient diesel car.

Scientific evidence:

Pulse fisheries in the Netherlands,

Economic and spatial impact study

M.N.J. Turenhout, B.W. Zaalmink, W.J. Strietman, K.G. Hamon

Page 27, 4 Conclusion and discussion

'When compared to the conventional beam trawl technique, fuel consumption is significantly lower and, with it, also the CO2 emissions. There are three reasons for this:

1. Pulse gear is lighter than beam trawl gear

2. There is less contact with the seabed

3. The vessels fish at lower speeds.

The use of pulse technique has therefore led to a substantial reduction in fuel consumption. For example, fuel consumption per day at sea for a >300 hp cutter involved in pulse fisheries is 46% lower than the same type of cutter involved in beam trawl fisheries; for a cutter fishing with SumWing technique, this percentage is 18%. For pulse cutters with an engine power of 300 hp or less, the difference with a beam trawl cutter in the same horse power class is 12%.'

I WANT to Reduce co2 emissions!



January 15th 18h N3.2 European Parliament Strasbourg

“Information on Pulse Fisheries in relation to the 16 Janaury Vote”

No application necessary.


VisNed: Pim Visser 0031 653146220

Nederlandse Vissersbond: Durk van Tuinen 0031 642408572


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