Make sure you enter the next few months prepared with these handy hints:

Don't end up like this guy this winter!

A briefcase may be useful for many things...but an ice scraper is just not one of them!

  • Check, double check...and then check again that you have an ice scraper for those windows!
  • Make sure you've filled up with all season screen wash.
  • Check your tyres! Bald tyres are more likely to get you in trouble on those icy roads.
  • Check the strength of your battery. Imagine running late for work after spending 20 minutes trying to get visibility out of your windows, to find your cold, forgotten battery won't get going!
"A car is for life, not just for christmas"

Ok, so a car may not be for life...but you want it to have a good, long, reliable life! In this case, I would urge you to take extra care of it at Christmas. You wouldn't forget about your Great-Aunt-once-removed...so don't forget about your car!

"i'm dreaming of a white christmas..."

Well, aren't we all? We may all love frolicking about in the snow, in clothes that certainly aren't as waterproof as suggested in the sales pitch. But what about our cars? They don't get half the thrill that we do.

Be sure to get your car treated over winter to protect it from the freezing elements, the snow will simply glide off the bonnet.

"The great british, urm, winter time"

Lets be honest, we are more likely to see drab scenes such as below over the winter. It may look like something out of a horror film but in reality, its the view out of many a British home come December.

The rain. Oh, the rain. So. Much. Rain. If we cannot defend our souls from this weather, we must at least defend our cars! Driving from A to B in the rain and the spray from fellow drivers quickly sees your once gleaming white car become a suspicious shade of grey. I am on hand to solve this problem, getting your car looking brand new again even after its been exposed to the wintery elements!

"Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse..."

Cue - the dreaded gritters! Your car has to go through the harsh winter elements of ice, snow, rain...then in come the gritters to play havoc! Not only does the grit make your car even dirtier, but the salt used in the grit can eat away at your paintwork if not treated.

Joking aside, I really would recommend a relatively frequent wash to keep your car and paint work healthy. What ever you do, do not leave it until the cold has passed...you may find there is no car left under the mask of winter dirt!

If you would like to get in touch to discuss how to keep your car healthy over winter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Michael Bale, Signature Detail | 07967803764 | michael@signature-detail.co.uk

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