Johann Gutenberg By: Sophia tremblay

Synopsis/ Overview

-Johann Gutenberg made a printing press that made the "Forty-Two-Line" Bible. He was also born in 1395, in Mainz, Germany. Johann started trying out printing in 1438. He passed away in 1468. In other words, Johanns biggest accomplishment was probably the printing press that he created. His passion of printing and bookmaking started at a young age.


-He was born into a merchant family in Mainz, Germany (1395). Johann is the third son of Freile zum Gehsfleich. He was also known to have been a goldsmith. Johann had two siblings that were apart of his merchant family. While he lived in Germany, he made gold articles.

Training and Education

-Johann started doing mechanical arts when he was young. He was also trained to become a goldsmith and stonecutter. Also, he went to holy sites and visited other projects. It sounds like Johann was a determined child because training to be a goldsmith and stonecutter isn't juvenile work. He was interested in going places to really see how things looked in person. Hence the reason why he often went to holy sites.

Achievement 1 (Moveable typewriter)

- The moveable typewriter had small metal type. Each type was one letter or character. It also had metal alloys and a casting system. Another person had tried to create something similar to this before Johann, but Johann's was modernized and worked more efficiently. Considering the time period he was in, the typewriter was an extremely smart invention.

Achievement 2 (Bookmaking)

-The typewriter printed the "Forty-Two-Line" Bible. It also printed the book of Psalms (Psalter). It had hundreds of of two color letters and soft detailed borders. Also, the typewriter had several inking on metal blocks. As you can see, the process of creating the typewriter must have required a lot of hard work and skill due to the details.

Achievement 3 (Gentleman of the Court)

-The archbishop gave Johann the Hoffman title (gentleman of the court) in 1465. It gave him good money and more freedom to services. A gentleman of the court is someone who is trusted to be in charge of happenings in court. You have to be mature and trustworthy, which Johann was.

To conclude, Johann Gutenberg was a German man who started experimenting with printing at a very young age. His accomplishments were creating a movable typewriter, writing/ publishing books, and becoming the gentlemen of the court.

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