A Dog's Purpose Visual Book Review

A Dog's Purpose is a fictional tale told by the perspective of one dog's soul traveling through different dogs in his life, in hope to find his purpose.

Some of the settings that were included in the book were a Farm,

A city apartment

A police station

And the Suburbs

One of the main and largest parts of a dog's purpose revolves around Bailey and 'his boy' This is a major plot point where Bailey (golden retriever) becomes self aware, trying to figure out his purpose in Ethan (the boy's) life. While there may be many Characters, since the story is told through the perspective of a dog, only very significant people are named.

Another character that the dog goes through is Ellie, a German shepherd that is trained to be a search and find dog for the police. As Ellie, she is able to understand and comprehend her new purpose, to save and to help others. As the story continues, we see Ellie mature and learn more about morals.

One of the last major characters was when the dog was re-born into Bear, or Boo-Bear, he was brought into an abusive home. Victor, the main man was a heavy drinker and often left Bear out in the yard, no where to move or go. This was when the dog had made a realization that some places you are put to have the purpose of leaving.

The Theme for this book closely follows the importance of loyalty, love, living every day as if it's your last. It also shines a light upon death, describing it more as a new beginning than a sad end.

Recently the book was made into a major motion picture, making over 67.5 million U.S. dollars opening weekend in the box office. I personally have see the movie and read the book, and I believe that it was defiantly true to the story. It brought justice to dogs, making us really think in the eyes of a dog.

This book made me feel so many feelings, most of them correlating with sadness. I would cry out of happiness because I know that the dog had lived it's life and fulfilled it's purpose.

Overall, this book is was amazing. Incorporating the multitude of dogs made me as the reader really understand how short life really is, even for a dog. The book brought up these points that can be applied to all walks of life.Things such as Live life to the fullest every day, and eat bacon whenever possible. This book will make you shed a tear as well as make you laugh out loud. A wonderful read!


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