The Impact of Risk, Regulations and Influence Erika Opperman

“There are things that teenagers can do to reduce their risk of unhealthy behaviors”(Health iBook, Page 2).

Unhealthy Behavior Risks

“These opportunities for growth can carry risk of unhealthy choices; many teens end up struggling with obesity or eating disorders, substance use, unsafe sexual activity, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, sleep deprivation, school problems and low mood” (Page 2).

Unhealthy behavior risks are everywhere, and some are difficult to avoid. Exercise is one of the main ways to stay healthy, but many people today struggle to find time in their busy lives. But exercising doesn't just mean making it to the gym everyday, you could ride a bike, run around the block, or even walk your dog. Another main way is to keep up Nutrition. While just exercising does help keep you healthy, it is also important to keep a balanced diet to stay fit. That doesn't mean just to cut out sugar completely, but to have balanced portions and meals. The last way is Screen Time. Many people have a hard time limiting their screen time because it is addicting. But it can have negative affects on body image, nutrition and other factors that are dangerous to you and your perception on yourself and the world.

Public Health

“...research shows that excessive media exposure can negatively influence teenagers' nutrition, body image and health” (Page 3).

During the years of the Industrialization, health regulations were non existent. People threw their trash and waste in the streets cause many infections and diseases to the people living in cities. This is why there are many rules now to see a doctor, trash days, and also the enforcement of recycling. Without these regulations, there would be many problems in ththe world today.

Helping Others

“ It can be tempting to avoid discussing difficult issues, but resist the temptation and start the conversation. Communication is key” (Page 3).

My mom has decided to go onto a new diet with an advisor to help her plan portions and meals. I have been encouraging her in this decision because she needs help commititing to the new lifestyle. While she's on the new plan I also go to the gym and exercise with her to show that she doesn't have to work through this alone.

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