Emperor Penguins This text will be about the emperor penguin which is the largest of the 17 penguin species

The emperor penguin doesn't have a lot of history that we can see but we do know that penguins has been around for a long time. The first fossil ever found was to be known from the Waimanu family, the fossil is from about 62 to 65 years ago.

Emperor penguins lives in Antartica and the temperature there can go as low as -60C/to -76F, but the penguins can still live there. In Antartica the water can be pretty deep. The emperor penguins are made to dive, they have big and not hallow feet. They are actually the birds that can dive deepest. Their heart rate can be as low as 15-20 strokes per minute and therefore they need less oxygen.

The males get a bit bigger than the females. The males weigh about 22-45 kg/99 49 Ib and is about 120 cm/48 in high. The penguins heads, jaw, neck, the backside of their hands and tail are black. The underside of their hands andig and their stomachs are white. Their upper chest is pale orange and their ears are light yellow, and on the rest of their body they are covered in grey feathers. You might recognize that from somewhere, the hero penguin from the movie “Happy feet” is an Emperor Penguin.

A Happy Feet movie poster
The emperor penguins eat all sorts of stuff, squid and fish for example. When they have capture the fish they eat it in the water. Of course the babies don’t feed for themselves, the parents go and hunt fish for them.

Emperor penguin's closest relatives are the king penguins. A big different are the babies. As you saw on the pictures before, the emperor penguins' babies are gray. You will see on the picture down below how the king penguins' babies look like.

This picture is on comparisons between the two species.
After the penguin has lived a long life it's time to say goodbye. If the penguin hasn't lived in the wild it can be up to 40 years old when its time to say goodbye, but if it has lived in the wild the penguin probably won't live that long.

Thank you for reading.

By Iris


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