Mid-level Solar Flare Hailey Kaban

What is a Solar flare and how is it created?

A solar Flare is many powerful bursts of radiation among a surface. Ex; the sun. They are created when complicated magnetic fields suddenly and explosively rearrange themselves, converting magnetic energy into light through the process called magnetic reconnection.

When did this event occur?

This event occurred at 4:16 EDT (Eastern Daylight time) on June 25, 2015.

Where did this event occur?

This event occurred at the face of the sun.

How did this event occur?

This event occurred from a release of magnetic energy associated with sunspots.

How long can this even last?

This event can last up from a few minutes to several hours. The effects of the storm can linger in the Earth's atmosphere for days to weeks.

What effect does it have on the World?

Solar flares don't always impact earth and the world around us. They only effect earth when they occur on the side of the sun that's facing the earth.

How do scientists classify Solar Flares?

Scientists classify solar flares on their X-Ray brightness. They can either be a X-, M-, or C- class. This flare was classified as a M7.9 flare. Meaning the flares are a tenth the size of the most intense flares which are classified as X-class flares. The number is there to provide more information about its strength. Ex; M2 is twice as intense as an M1 but an M3 is three times more intense and it goes on from there.


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