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Team Dynamic Development

I Ground Breaking I Personal Growth I Challenging I Transformative I Dynamic I Stimulating I Team Cohesion I Breaking Barriers I

The Goal

Team members will learn the value of unity and togetherness by working together to solve problems, complete challenges and achieve team goals. The groups will identify team values which will drive them and highlight the importance of measurable and achievable goals. Team members will learn about the importance of leadership in its many forms and develop a greater sense of positive self-identity, walking away feeling empowered as individuals and united as a tribe. The teams will learn to work across departments, understanding the part that they play in the success of the organisation as a whole. Ultimately teams will break down departmental borders and learn how each individual plays a valuable role in the process of success.

1. The Drawing Board

Vision I Strategy I Execution

  • Core values and goals for the day, team separation, team names, team logo and design, team core, values, team strategy.

The teams are introduced to the Team Dynamic Development day highlighting the goals for the day. The focus of each section of the day is to be driven by the core values set out. This section of the day is to create a sense of belonging and identity by creating tribes with their own core value system which will guide the team towards their identified success.

2. The Pitstop

Breaking Barriers I Fill Your Tank

  • Nuclear waste, H2O filtration and mind and mental challenge.

Designed to unify the team and break the ice, each activity will be lead by a brief and debrief session in order to evaluate the teams success according to the alignment of their team core values. Each team is able to address their strengths and weakness and strategise on how to bridge the gap.

3. The Arena

Communication I Competitiveness

  • Blind-folded communication, ultimate survivor paintball challenge & overcoming your obstacles.

This section of activities is introduced to take teams further towards unity and a successful functioning group. Each team is able to evaluate their strengths and weakness and be able to address key focus areas. Each activity will be lead by a brief and debrief session in order to evaluate the teams success according to the alignment of their team core values.

4. The Control Tower

Cohesion I Resolution

  • Team process evaluation, strengths & weakness evaluation.

This section is vital in bringing the team together by observing and acknowledging the teams strengthens and weaknesses, assessing the outcome of each activity and if it aligns with the teams core values.

5. The Building Site

Personal Development I Leadership

  • Team debrief, corporate debrief, awards ceremony.

The value of the day is captured in the landing, highlighting the success of the teams and their personal and group development. Our goal as Boot Camp is to make sure that the desired outcomes were achieved during the day with a balance of both balance and team development.

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