Commercial Photography Nic Haviland

5 Potraits

The assignment was to take photos that show a direction of light. Must have 3 different people and must have 2 head and shoulders, 2 half length, and 1 full length. I think that some of my pictures could have been better at demonstrating a direction of light. I should have found spots that had great lighting.

4 Egg Pictures

Images of an egg- the direction of light is a primary concern for this assignment. No flat lighting. I think I could have taken more unique pictures, most of them were just kinda plain and nothing special.

3 Other Photos 10/18/16

Take 3 photos that you think look good. I love all three of the photos I chose and I don't think there's that much wrong with them.

8 Pictures of Flowers 10/21/16

Take 8 pictures of flowers, be especially aware of background and cropping. I think I took a few really good pictures however some of them aren't nearly as good.

8 Pictures of Your Modes of Transportation 10/2816

A variety of viewpoints of at least three modes of your transportation. I think I did pretty good considering the circumstances I was under. However i think I could have been more creative and spent more time to help make a more unique photo.

3 Other Photos 10/28/16

Take 3 photos that you think look good. I like all of these photos and both the plane and the birds photo captured a unique moment because I never seen so many birds at the lake and the old plane is truly something special.

Images of my Home 11/3/16

Take 3 photos of the outside of your house, 3 inside of your house, and 1 of you in your private living space. I really like the positions of the sun in 2 of the pictures of my house and because of that, I think i did pretty well. The pictures of the inside of my house had really good lighting as well.

3 other photos 11/3/16

Choose 3 random photos that you took. I really love all 3 of these photos and I personally think that there's nothing wrong with them. All were great photos in my opinion.

Forced Perspective Pictures 11/11/16

Take 3 forced perspective photos. These were very fun and creative. It was my first time trying it and I think I did fairly well. It was kinda hard to get the right angle on some of the photos.

Lake Lavon Pictures 11/11/16

Go take 6 pictures of Lavon Lake, 3 must demonstrate depth. I love all of these lake pictures, I got it right when the sun was setting. The bottom right picture is just kinda plain and boring and so is the top left picture. But other than that, I like the rest.

3 Other Photos 11/11/16

Choose 3 random photos that you took. I like all of the pictures that I took however, the picture of the dirt bikes would have been so much better if the sun was setting.

Approved Common Theme 11/18/16

Choose a certain topic and take 16 photos of that topic. I chose walkways and paths. I think it was hard to find a boring walkway and try to make it look nice. I have a few that I think look great but I think if I had chosen a different topic, I might have done better.

Famous Movie Scene 12/2/16

Recreate a famous movie scene. I chose the scene from Iron Man 1 where Stark was demonstrating a new missile he constructed. I think this is my most creative picture i've ever made and i think it looks amazing. I like the way it is and there's nothing id do to it to make it better.

3 Light Painting 12/2/16

Choose 3 light paintings that we photographed. I like all but the one on the right. I think it's just too plain and boring. But the other two are nice and I like the way they turned out.

7 Light Painting 12/7/16

Take 3 light visible by camera, 3 light seen, but is lighting a subject and one of my name spelled out. I like light painting because it gives you the opportunity to create something unique. As for my pictures, I like the ones of light visible by camera but however my 3 lighting a subject could use some improvement.

3 Other Photos 12/7/16

Take 3 other photos. I like all of these photos because they all are something that I enjoy and they all look great in my opinion.

Farmersville After Dark 12/9/16

Creative Picture from Behind 12/9/16

5 in 1 picture 12/9/16

4 Images in Black and White

Finals Practice 12/16/16

10 Motion Pictures

5 Zoom Pictures

10 Best Photos

2 Refs

2 Scene Setters

3 Fans

3 Portraits

4 Close Ups

11 Action

Conceptual Photography

3 Self Portraits

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