Roman and Greek theatre Ramandeep

Greek theater was created in the 532 BC. Back in those days, tragedies and drama were the most famous playwrights people use to create. The oldest and famous actor back in the greek times was Thespis. Thespis was the first person to win a competition. The most famous playwrights were Aeschylus, sophocles and Euripides who were known for the plays of tragedy and drama. Aeschylus wrote a lot of books and plays that were well known back then like Hercules unchained and wedding in blood. As well as Sophocles. He wrote a couple of books and plays like Electra and Antigone. In those times, Greek theaters can hold up to at least 15,000 to 20,000. The stages were quite big and the lighting wouldn't be on point on all the actors. Most plays would last within 6 hours and the plays would be more for competitions. In my opinion I feel as if the plays would be interesting to watch. I would be able to see new people each time and be able to socialize better. Most people come there for entertainment. But the plays weren't really for entertainment, they were for spiritual and religious meanings. This has influenced us today because now instead of theater being spiritual or religious it is more for entertainment. Theaters today don’t really have negative ways to react on how the play is.
Roman theater is another way of expressing theater back in the day. Roman theater was created in 240 BC. roman theater was usually festival performances, street theater, nude dancing and acrobatics. There plays were usually comedies and tragedies same as Greek theater. The most famous person was Livius Andronicus who wrote tragedies and comedies. He usually wrote latin plays. Sitting in one of these plays would be like walking around in New york. There are more street plays that people would watch while walking around.

These theatres are from the past and are still well known. The current theatre that we see is modern theatre.


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