South African Geography By: Devon Denig, Xavier Ayala, Max Jackowsky, kelly McCrossan, Billy Hally, and Nick Cervino

South Africa consists of 15 different countries, home to 63.8 million people. These countries include Angola,Botswana, Congo, Lesotho, Mauritius, Malawi, Madagascar, Seychelles, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa.

What is absolute location? Absolute location is the exact location on Earth of a specific place. The exact location is marked by coordinates using the longitude and latitude system. The absolute location of Zimbabwe, a country in Southern Africa is 19.0154° S, 29.1549° E. Zimbabwe is also located below Botswana. This is the relative location of Zimbabwe. What is relative location? Relative location is of it's distance and direction from another location, or location based on a general coordinate system.

Longitude and Latitude System


Region is an area or division of land, that share common characteristics such as the land, history, and culture. Regions do not always have fixed boundaries. The biggest region in Southern Africa is the Sub-Saharan.

Map of the Region Sub-Saharan


Over time many movements have occurred in South Africa. Some movements include: changing styles in fashion, many African clothing pieces have an impact on Muslims and their culture especially Saharan clothing. Another example of movement is the movement and trade of innovative tools made by the hominin. The last movement is mass iron producers are produced.

Human-Environment Interaction

Some examples of human-environment interaction includes development of cities, oil driling, settlements, interference of of natural ecosystem, construction of hydroelectric dams, fracking, and agriculture. In South Africa, humans have built lots of dams to for hydroelectric power and to irrigate the dry land. Humans also collect a lot of oil from g\the ground in South Africa.

Climate map of South Africa
This is a map of the population density map
This is a Cartogram map
Qualitative Map


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