Double Victory: Asian americans and native americans by Jasper Metke & Angela Samson

Photos of Native Americans

Native Americans served in the war, using their language as code on the battlefield

Photos of Asian Americans

Asian Americans served as interpreters and translators, as well as serving in the most decorated regiment in US military history, the 442nd


  • Asian Americans and Native Americans both served in combat
  • Both groups , at a point, were placed in camps to keep them away from white Americans
  • Both groups were discriminated against
  • Both groups served as interpreters in WW2


  • Asian Americans were prohibited from owning or acquiring land while native americans were allowed
  • Navajo used their language as a battlefield code
  • Asian Americans were blamed and rejected for Pearl Harbor, while Native Americans were praised for their involvement in the war

Asian Americans: Treatment

  • Japanese americans were placed in concentration camps because of fears that they were secretly loyal to Japan.


  • Many Japanese Americans spoke out against the US's racist treatment of them
  • Non-Japanese Asian Americans felt the need to distinguish themselves so that they too would not be targeted


  • Over 6000 asian americans served as interpreters and translators at the Military Intelligence Service
  • 3700 served in combat with every branch of service
  • Integral to cracking Japanese code
  • 442nd regiment was most decorated in US military history

Slogan: We're Americans too

Native Americans: Treatment

  • they were praised for using their language in the war and were awarded medals
  • they were accepted into society


  • some native americans assimilated while others refused to for fear of forgetting their heritage


  • they served in the war
  • they used their language as a secret code in the battlefield

Slogan: We Can Walk 2 Worlds

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