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The population is 66.03 million but before the war, it used to be around 80million people.

The weather in France is 10 degrees ( on March 17) because it is the end of winter and the start of spring.

Significant landform: Alps. It is the highest mountain in Europe. It is a group of mountains in a line. It is 4,810m high.

This is Alps

The main language spoken is French, which I am learning at school instead of Japanese

Some of the religions in France are Roman Catholic and Jewish but there are plenty more that I have not said.

Some of the food are Fondue, croissant and cheese. They are all so tasty

A croissant

Some sports are rugby, footy, basketball, cycling and horse racing. Some of the sports have been around for sooooo.... long, like 1800.

Sports in France

A few of the celebrations are Bastille day, May Day and Eid

The traditional dresses are blouses, aprons with bonnets which is worn by girls or ladies at a type of celebration or party.

Aprons with bonnets

The biggest change for them is WW2 because it has affected them a lot. They were involved in the wars that have been happening. When the war stopped, that is when peace came to them and they realised that the world should be full of peace, not war. They had destroyed buildings and roads, so they had to rebuild the buildings and also, their population went down by about a couple million by the war.


The population in Brazil is 211 million, I just wonder if they were part of the war because the population might have gone down.

The weather in Brazil is 23 degrees (on March 17) because its the end of summer and its starting to get colder now to getting further away from summer and now into winter.

Some of the significant landforms are 5 geographic areas called Guiana Highlands, Plateau, Amazon, Pantanal, Southern Highlands

The language that they speak is PortuguesReligions: Roman Catholicism, Buddhism

Some foods are Feijoada along with others that I don't know about, yet.


The sports that they play are volleyball and soccer, but there are other sports as well like footvolley which is volleyball but with your feet.

Brazil playing soccer

One of the celebrations are Ash Wednesday like all over the world where Jesus risked his life for 40 days and 40 nights in the desert.

Their traditional dress is gauchos, which is like a cowboys uniform. They must wear it when they have a celebration or a party like the French people.


The biggest change would have to be building the statue, Christ the Redeemer because that is when they realised that Jesus is always with us from the start. It is 38 metres tall and was built in 1922.

Christ the redeemer
Venn diagram

France is a country in Europe. It's population is 66 million people. The president is François Hollande. Food in France is cheese, croissant and fondue. France is in the European Union in Europe. It's not in the Commonwealth games but is in the Olympics. France only have 52 rivers because it is a smaller than Brazil by a mile. $1 euro is 1.41 dollars in AUD.

Last year, Brazil hosted the 2016 summer Olympics. At Rio De Janeiro, more that 180 countries came over to compete against one another. The president is Michel Temer. Food in Brazil is Feijoada along with others. Brazil have over 100 rivers. A $1 of Brazilian Real ( their money) is 0.42 AUD. The main mountain is São Paulo, its 760m tall. Mout Blanc is the biggest mountain in France, 4810m tall.

The similarities between these two countries is they both have blue in there flags. They also have the 2nd letter is 'R' and the 3rd letter is 'A'. They have the same calendar and seasons. They both are a country. They also have more than 5 mountains. France is in the northern hemisphere and Brazil is in the Southern Hemisphere, which means there seasons are at different times. So if France is in summer, then Brazil in in winter.


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