Lexy Barnes Indecisiveness at its finest

Yo! I come from the great city of Chattanooga, TN. I was born and raised there for the last 19 years. My parents, however, come from the deep rural parts of South Carolina. I'm the youngest of three and the only girl, but I'm probably more mature than both of my older brothers.

I'm known as the troublemaker in my household. Since a young age, I've always spoken my mind and did whatever I wanted to (even though it typically got me into trouble). I think my "I Don't Care" attitude is what made people like me though. I like to go with the flow of things and take my time. I'm very detail-oriented. This mindset usually works for me until I start procrastinating, but that's a different conversation for another day.

In my free time, which I barely get any of, I like to sing. I started singing at a young age in the Children's Choir at my church, and I even started participating in my school talent shows. I fell in love with performing in front of a crowd, but as I got older those types of opportunities started disappearing for me.

In middle school, I had to stop singing because I had stopped attending church and my school didn't offer anything fine arts related. To replace singing though, I fell in love with reading and writing. Before 7th grade, I had never fully read a book with more than thirty pages in it and had never typed any essays. After participating in readers' and writers' workshop though, I wrote numerous short stories and read books like the Maximum Ride series (which is my favorite series) like it was nothing. I had even once dreamed of becoming a famous author like James Patterson during this time as well.

In high school, I decided to take a different route. I joined the JROTC department and became a member of the First For Freedom Battalion. Originally, I had joined JROTC to get out of doing P.E. in high school. After my first month though, I was so devoted to the program. It gave me leadership opportunities that I had never had before, and I created friendships with people I never thought I would ever interact with. Most important of all, it helped me find my inner leader and develop my leadership skills. By the end of high school, I was one of the top ranked cadets in the program and was the Co-Captain of the best drill team in Hamilton County. Whenever I think back to high school, it was ALL about JROTC for me.

After a long list of college applications, I officially enrolled at ETSU in late May of 2015. Since becoming a buccaneer, I have participated in the QUEST program as well as Preview. I have been a Diversity Educator and Admissions Ambassador for almost two years. I also graduated from the Emerging Leaders Academy in Spring of 2016. This past fall I declared my major in Media & Communication with a concentration in Advertising and PR. I, however, am still in search of a minor. In my upcoming years as a Buc, I hope to continue being involved in QUEST, Admissions Ambassadors, and Diversity Educators as well as becoming an RA and declaring a minor.

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