3. Time Management Self-Study Learning Outcome 2

Part 1

1. Semester Plan: The Big Picture

2. Weekly Plan: The Ideal Week

3. Daily Plan: The Nitty-Gritty

Part 2: Reflection


4/13/17: In the morning I wake up, get ready for class, and take some notes for my Into to International Relations class. After my International Relations class, I head to the library to work on homework for different classes. After I attend Success Skills class, I go to the library to work on homework and study. After two hours, I head homework to clean, cook, and do anymore homework if I have any. Sometimes I won't do any homework at home, because of procrastination and being tired.

4/14/17: I wake up, prepare for class, and work on some homework. After I attend class, I head to get lunch. After having free time to myself, I go to the library to finish work I have for different classes. After staying in the library for 2-3 hours, I do a quick grocery shopping and head back to my apartment. After diner, I work on different assignments, and go to sleep after. On Friday night, I sometimes don't do any homework because I'm tired from the week or going out to hang out with friends

4/15/17: On Saturdays, I pretty much clean up all and do some homework from the time I wake until 7 or 8 pm. After 8 pm, I'm either going out or hanging with friends until 2 in the morning

4/16/17: Sunday is more of a chilled day for me. I go on campus to go to tutoring or the library to do some homework. I spend most of my Sunday nights preparing for Monday, If I'm not procrastinating.

Part 3: Evaluate & Revise

I wanted to include an exhibit on how many hours I spend on the Cat Bus, because I get to see how much time was wasted from using the service. With the time I wasted. I could use another efficient, transportation service.
I wanted to include an exhibit on how much time I spend in the library, because I improve compared to last semester. Last semester, I never went to the library to complete homework or study. In the library, I'm able to focus more compared to doing my work at my apartment.

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