Basketball By Armand Pierre


Almost each and every person around the world plays the sport, basketball. Player's from almost 5 to 7 feet tall can have that profession earning millions of dollars each year! But its not just because of the height. Players can make shots from anywhere, making crowds of people to be amazed. Although they're are also other sports people play today, basketball is one of the most played in the world. Read on to find more about the famous sport, basketball, to understand many of the gears and clothing, many famous moves and styles, and different ways of playing.

Clothing and gear

For the sport basketball you don't need to wear any specific type of clothing, though you need to wear some flexible and comfortable equipment. Wear some nice shoes with good soles for more traction on the court. If you wear shoes with strong soles you can be good in and out of the court. You can have some other type of equipment too, for example, a basketball sleeve, for the knee or arm, or even a basketball glove so you can have more grip to the ball for the best action on the court.

Moves and styles

In Basketball they're many different moves or styles of playing. Such as what some people call, jukes or crossover. In basketball the simplist is dribbling. When you dribble the ball down the court either playing a game or practicing, you can start creating muscle memory, ( doing a task over and over and having memory) then you can remember the moves you've practiced doing over and over. Another move used is crossovers. Crossovers can get the person defending you to lose control of where the ball is going. Last but not least is passing. If you pass the ball you can have more chance onto making the ball into the net.


In basketball you need some way into making the basketball into the hoop. Just like the easiest, doing a layup. Layups can simply be worth 2 points, but so can dunking but don't think it's that easy. Another way of shooting could be worth 3 points. They're called 3 pointers. It's when shooting from the line before half court. Last but not least, half court. If you want to amaze crowds or other you can try shooting from half court. It can take many tries but if you put more force onto the ball you have a better chance. If you make it in ,crowds of people watching would cheer and maybe even remember the moment you made it in!


Now since you know The clothing and style needed, Moves and styles of playing, and different ways of shooting, you can go out and try it yourself. It will be a perfect way of exercise and maybe just a way of fun, but you cant learn it the first day. It could take a few months or even years to learn moves or even try to every shot.


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