The Chowdhury Family. West Bengal, India.

The Chowdhury Family lives in West Bengal, India. Suresh is 40 years old and is a fruit collector. His wife Basanti is 30 years old and they have 4 children. Laxman and Sarinder is their two sons. They also have two daughters, Rekha and Rashmi. Laxman is 10 years old, Sarinder is 6 years old, Rekha is 7 years old and Rashmi is 3 years old. Let me educate you more about the Chowdhury Family.


The whole Chowdhury family realise on Suresh. Suresh is a Fruit Collector and works 84 hours/week and earns about 800 Indian Rupees per month, which is approximately 29 USD/month and 37.89 Canadian/month. In West Bengal, India the normal income out of everyone is $1 532.46. The Chowdhury family doesn't save any of the money Suresh makes. They spend all of their income on buying food. (#21)


When it comes to food for the Chowdhury family it's very small portions. The most common meal they usually have is white rice, what looks like soy sauce, and chicken or maybe even a vegetable or fruit. Suresh spends 4 hours every week to collect wood for cooking. They cook their food over a mud block with holes in it. The pot/pans sit in the holes, while underneath a fire can be made to cook and heat up the food.


Suresh is the one person in the family that works the most. He spends a lot of time lifting, walking and helping is family. You can tell that he works a lot from the blisters and dead dry skin on his hands. There's parts of his teeth with brown/yellow marks on them. That shows not a lot of brushing is happening and not much care being put into his teeth. This family doesn't have a lot of transportation and money which most likely is what's keeping them from going to the doctors,dentist etc. When it comes to the children, they are skinny and don't have clean eyes. Another health issue is that this family doesn't have quick access to water and that leads to getting dehydrated.


The education system in West Bengal, India has gone through a drastic change to provide quality education to every student. Schools in India have decided to do a 'aggregate marking’ technique to measure student’s level of knowledge. State government has also taken steps to provide special tutorial classes to civil service students. These new ideas have increased child education development, which is proceeding to give a new facelift to the education system.

Primary Education

When educating primary level students they try their very best to educate their students by using a practical approach. The schools know teaching kids and educating them isn't just printing the alphabet on books.

Secondary Education

In Bengal, India they try to open education to all. Guidance of skilled and experienced teachers help the students to have a solid educational foundation, which helps them to do great in their higher studies.

Their Home

The Chowdhury family lives in a hut. It's very small and has little light. Underneath the twigs, weeds and tarp is most likely mud. Mud is a common tool to use when building homes. Only more common when the family is poor. Their house is a one bedroom home with not a lot of storage space. Also their home is in between two trees.

Digging in deeper...

Starting off with where the family showers, where they wash their cloths, and where they go to the bathroom. Down below are the images!

Washing cloths


This where the couple sleeps...
This is where the four kids sleep. To me this looks like a mat at the end of the bed...
Most loved Item

The Chowdhury most loved item is their phone. They are very lucky to have a phone because they live out in the middle of no where and could get hurt. When having a phone they can get a hold of people and get help.

Most loved tOy/only toy thEy have...

Travels to find Water

The worst thing about the house is that their water source is 2.5 km away and isn’t safe to drink. Suresh spends over 17 hours per week fetching water for the family’s use. When having water that is 2.5 km away, it's hard because you can't have a cup of water everyday. This family haves to watch how much their drinking or else, they will run out to quick and Mr.Chowdhury will have to make another trip for more water.

I hope i educated you Well enough to let you know a little aboUt West Bengal,INdia and the Chowdhury Family!


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