Islam Grant laduke


  • Muhammad is the founder of Islam
  • Islam was founded near Mecca in the Arabian peninsula
  • Just like Judaism and Christianity, Islam is also monotheistic. Monotheistic is when a region believes in one god only

Major Beliefs

  • Islam's holy book is called the Quran
  • The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is there place of worship. Where they pray and preach about the Islam's god Allah
  • The founder is also the religious leader who is Muhammad

Various sects of the religion

  • The two main Branches are: Sunni and Shia
  • Sunni- believed that rulers need only be followers of muhammad
  • Shia- believed the rulers should descend muhammad
  • The difference between them is the history of Muhammad and their beliefs


  • Ramadan- is a month long celebration where Muhammad received the Qumran which is the holy book from Allah the God of Islam


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