Koko A Letter to My 15-year-old Self

Dear 15-year-old Koko,

The greatest piece of advice I can give is to stop comparing yourself to other people. It's the biggest waste of your time!

Recognize the things in other people that you aspire to be, but do not feel badly if you do not have it yet.

Do not feel the need to conform in order to be successful. Have confidence in who you are, you will find more happiness and success when you are truly you.

Never stop being a student. Take in the things that astound you, acknowledge the people that inspire you, absorb everything like a sponge.

Your growth is unlimited and the sooner you recognize that, you will understand that every "no" and every "not yet" is an opportunity to learn.

Cherish those around you. The experiences with your teammates and mentors are what you will remember over the scholarship or choreography.

Always show respect and gratitude for those people, because they are helping you form into the best version of yourself.

Do not worry about the end result, your journey is all you need to focus on. Make the best decisions your can for yourself everyday.

Take risks, love yourself, and love those around you. When you do this, I promise everything will fall into place!

Love, Koko

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