The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By: Nick Oelrich

Spatial Experience

As I entered the auditorium I felt intrigued by the various props and furniture that decorated the walkways into the auditorium. I wondered how each of these props were involved in the play I was about to observe and what roll they played in relaying the overall themes. As I came in, I found my seat towards the front of the theatre which I feel greatly enhanced my experience of the play. I was front and center which forced me to stay focused on even the most minutiae of details throughout the performance. As the lights dimmed and the audience quieted I could feel the suspense in the air. I felt excited to embark on the journey the play writers had in store for us. Constans Theatre in the Reitz Union was the perfect size I felt for the play. The theatre was fairly quaint which allowed the actors to connect with each member of the audience effectively. I was relieved to be watching the play in Constans Theatre and not somewhere with more space.

The Social Experience

I attended the performance with three of my good friends. By bringing my friends along, my experience was enhanced because I felt comfortable throughout the process. While in the theatre I was not concerned with controlling my emotions because I was surrounded with my friends who I know and trust. It was also extremely beneficial for me to hear and process how my friends perceived the play. After hearing their thoughts on the performance, I was able to better comprehend some things that I had missed. To prepare myself for the performance I read the introduction and thought through the possible approaches to performing this play. Shared experiences are vital in the Good Life. Without a companion to share enjoyable moments, we inevitably will become lonely and depressed.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The central idea of this play is that our society is composed of individuals from varying backgrounds and economic stature, however, almost everybody has prioritized the components of achieving their Good Life, and will stop at nothing in order to maintain stability in their pursuit towards their 'Good Life'. Before attending this performance I had experienced individuals involved in my life who let go of certain things that they deemed were less important in their pursuit of a Good Life, especially in an attempt to preserve the things that make them the most fulfilled. The performance helped me to realize that despite our varying backgrounds, we are all in pursuit of the 'Good Life' in our own unique way. In my own life I am certainly willing to sacrifice things in which I deem less significant in my search for the Good Life.

The Emotional Experience

A play provides a unique opportunity for relaying a message or to come clean on certain topics that are controversial in everyday communication. The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides an especially unique opportunity for conveying these challenging messages because the performance involves a play inside of a play. This opens up an entirely new realm for delving into controversial topics such as

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