THE HomelesS OF MANATEE COUNTY tent city in the woods

Josh (above) is a resident of the current campsite for several homeless persons that formed in the wooded area behind 17th Street East in Oneco, Florida (via Google Maps).

The woods provide seclusion and safety according to Sonia, a new resident to the tent encampment of six weeks.

On December 24, 2016, the fire that destroyed the now defunct La Mexicana Flea Market forced several previous homeless squatters at the market to reestablish their encampment in the woods by 17th Street East.

An abandoned trailer with remnants of holiday decorations that according to Josh, has not been occupied in recent weeks.
The residents create makeshift bathrooms using discarded materials like the sink above.
Makeshift cement block fire pits provide warmth at night, and according to Josh, boil water for showers.
Scavenged building materials such as the wood and nails featured above are commonly used to reinforce the various dwellings.
Sonia (not pictured) built her tent (above) with the help of Josh and other residents.
Sonia adds a personal flourish of a small plants and vases outside of her tent.
The exposed frame of Josh's makeshift home was built by Josh himself, who stated his background in doing various odd jobs in construction and utility work.
Josh's personal adornment of a string of seashells line the exterior of his home.
Josh (above) surveys the repairs needed after stating that his home was occupied by homeless squatters that he himself was unfamiliar with.
Josh describes how he works out with a salvaged heavy bag and double end bag (above).
Josh pulls on his mohawk like hair in reference to his former days as a punk rocker. He attributes his abilty to surviving in the woods by utilizing his do-it-yourself ethos.
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Alexander Michael Buono


(Photo: Alexander Michael Buono)

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