Linda McCartney September 24, 1941 - April 17, 1998

Type of Photography

McCartney was commonly known for her photo's of musicians in the 60's.

Special Techniques

She typically took close-up photos s that the viewer could get a sense for what McCartney was trying to portray about the subject.


McCartney was a freelance photographer who's work was published in music industry magazines.


McCartney used a Leica camera for close-ups of both people and nature. It provides an amzig depth of fied and manual focus.

Type of Lighting

McCartney changes the lighting based off the mood she feels surrounds her subject but typically she uses dark lighting to portray emotion.

Early Influences

David Dalton was an influence on Linda's actual photography skills in the field where as her husband provided inspiration through music.

Interesting Stories

McCartney didn't have many excursions but was constantly seen with her husband, former Beatles member, which could be interesting enough.

Likes and Dislikes

I personally loved how close she got to the musicians and really tried to capture their aura, especially considering she didn't get any special training. I do wish she would take more pictures of the musicians with their passion rather than them in their normal life.

Thanks for Listening!


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