Who am I? Mason Lott

Table of contents

  • Who did I think I was?
  • CIS Results
  • What careers interest me?
  • What education is required?
  • What schooling options am I considering?
  • What companies would I work for?

1. Who did I think I was

Strengths, Weaknesses, Plans and Goals

  • Strengths: Hard working, social, smart, and creative
  • Weaknesses: Shy, anxious, hard time paying attention
  • Plans: go to college majoring in psychology
  • Goal: To become my own person

2. CIS Results

Interest Profiler (highest)

  • Artistic (23): Enjoy Self-expression and creativity
  • Investigative (20): Prefer thinking to doing


  • High Interests: Investigative, artistic, and social
  • Low Interests: Conventional

Workplace Importance Locator (highest)

  • Achievement (27): I like feeling accomplished
  • Independence (22): Prefer little to no supervision

Career Cluster (highest)

  • Human Services
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Art and Communications
  • Education and Training
  • Hospitality and Tourism

3. Career Interest


  • Specifically, helping clients
  • Would also enjoy research psychologist
  • I love working with people's problems

4. Education required

  • At least Master's for any pyschologist
  • Doctorate's degree means more job openings
  • For counseling a Doctorate's is needed

5. Preferred Schooling

Stanford University

  • One of the best US Psychology schools
  • Located in Stanford, CA
  • Tuition: $45,195
  • Acceptance rate: 4.8%

6. working

  • Start my own business
  • This way I can be in charge
  • I will have more control over everything
  • I still can listen to people
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