Social Media Strategy - NIKE Inspired by uber

It doesn’t matter how creative your start-up or how potentially profitable your business is. Nowadays quite a lot of businesses fail profiting, because of social media. Some people say that tactics of social media strategy are not suitable or the tools, which they are using is not effective.

We think that the biggest unanswered question in most of the markets is “How to get more traffic from social media, and how to make sales from social media?” We have looked at many different social media strategies and have come to the conclusion that businesses focus more on tactics than on a solid strategy. In our opinion strategies should serve particular buyer personas and also it should have specific KPIs tied directly to business’s goals.

We want to tell you some great examples of how company “Uber” applies its social media strategies. Uber fosters conversations. They are using their Facebook group page to interact with customers to solve any doubts. Also Uber maintains engagement in their customers through deals and promotions. We think it is only possible because of the strong relationships between customer service, public relations, and marketing.

Uber have been really successful. How can we learn from them?

We have chosen the company Nike to create a social media strategy for. We chose Nike because it is fascinating how one company can gain so much popularity and recognition. When most people think of sportswear, the first company that pops into their mind is Nike. We believe that a big part of Nike’s popularity comes from advertising - which also includes social media. Nike has cleverly taken advantage of one of the biggest social media platforms - Facebook. The company has separate pages for different sports activities; i.e. basketball, football, etc. This allows customers to follow the sport of their interest and connect with the company. Moreover, Nike’s famous slogan “Just Do It,” is a create phrase to use in Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram through hashtags. Social media users can, thus, promote Nike’s brand awareness and attract new customers.

A strategy from which Nike can benefit from social media is through consistently posting content on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Nike have contracts with many of the world’s best athletes. They are people who can do impressive things and who inspire millions of fans around the world. This is a perfect opportunity to allow the company to connect with those fans. What Nike is trying to do as a company is to treat all its customers like athletes. They sell the idea that thanks to their sports equipment, everybody can be an athlete.

VIDEO SHARING: We think that a social media, that is not a social networking site, that can be used to the benefit of Nike is video sharing, where a platform, which can have great impact on the company’s customers is YouTube. Because it allows sharing videos with any lengths and features, this gives good flexibility in the creation of the content. We have few ideas, on which the company should focus when using YouTube. First of all, YouTube is a good place where the company can upload the TV commercials, that are currently running around the world. This would allow them to reach more users, and also initiate a word of mouth to increase the popularity. Second, YouTube can be used for revealing the company’s new products. Videos about the product can show the new product from all angles. It can tell all about the details, the special features and the innovations, which can be found in the new product. The video can also show a performance test, which can show the most important features of the product, how it improves athletic performance, how durable it is and how it can be used. In that way the video will get the attention of the viewer successfully and make him consider trying the product. Another type of videos that can be made are those showcasing in a mesmerising way the skills of Nike’s athletes. For instance, Neymar making series of tricks with a football, LeBron James shooting a basketball or Eugenie Bouchard doing tennis trick shots. With proper editing work, those videos can be made to be very eye-catching Not only are such videos really impressive to watch, meaning that they would attract lots of viewers, but they also inspire fans to try to achieve what their idols have achieved. Also by seeing their idols performing incredibly in Nike gear, users would also want to gear up with the equipment, because they want to be like their favorite athletes. We see how these types of videos would affect the viewers and trigger their interest in the company and in its products. Thus, we want to make it really easy for customers to connect to the company and hopefully make a purchase. Hence, in the end of every video, there would be a direct link, taking the viewer straight to the company’s website or to the specific product’s page where it can be bought immediately thanks to the e-commerce implementation. In that way, the company can use the impact created by the video in order to generate sales in an easy way.

PHOTO SHARING: In a similar way we can apply some of those methods to a different social media. Photo sharing is another social media that is not simply a social networking site. The most popular platform of that kind is Instagram. On Instagram the company can post photos of new products. Photos do not give the same flexibility as videos, so the company should use it to show only the most impressive details of the products they are showing. However, Instagram now allows uploading several photos as one post, which allows the company to show different colorways of a given product. I believe this is a good method of attracting the attention of the users. Similarly as with YouTube, Nike can upload impressive photos of their athletes in action. For example, they can show a photo of their athletes during a game or during an impressive performance. This again, can show users how their favorite athletes perform using Nike gear. Also, on the Instagram page, the company can post photos of the athletes, who have their own product lines, for example Kobe Bryant. This would help make the connection between the athletes and the customers, making the customers more willing to buy products from a specific product line trying to look like their idols. Using Instagram in that way will make the users feel closer to the company, so they will identify with it more. This would drive more traffic to the Nike website. In order to make sure that as many users as possible are redirected directly to the company’s website, once again a link needs to be included in the description of every post.

FORUM: We see how these two platforms help engage the users with the company. What is really key in both platforms is that allow comments on the content that is posted. This allows the company to follow the general opinion of its customers, and use it to help them make better decisions in the future. However, in order to get an even better feedback, the company can create a forum. This would be another social media platform, which can be included in the website, which would allow the users to engage with the company by discussing products, ads, athletes and everything else related to Nike. Every user would be able to join the discussion. In that way, Nike can get lots of feedback, and use it to make better product or advertisement decisions in the future.

Other social networks like Facebook, are a fundamental tool which Nike can use to promote their products but specially to build the brand. Nowadays the most important companies worldwide focus especially on the importance of brand awareness over other aspects. Facebook users that are interested in Nike will start feeling part of a family and will start creating a community in which you can share your opinions and interests. Also Facebook, through the interaction of the users, will help to reach out to other people and get them to know the products, offers, promotions… Posting regularly and answering to the users will help to make the consumers feel close to the brand and to make them realise that Nike cares about them and their opinions. This can be a good place as well to launch advertising campaigns because the content in Facebook spreads fast and reaches out a huge number of people. Creating campaigns that have an impact on the viewers will call their attention on the brand and make them want to find out more.

Twitter is also another important tool that will make Nike know about the opinion of the customers and get feedback from their campaigns and products. This is one of the most important strategies to implement because this way Nike is in direct contact with the customer, and by changing what people don’t like, it will assure you their happiness. Nike should focus on the creation a forum, more than in advertising their campaigns here. This way they can get feedback from the customers but mostly answer doubts people might have, product details or even get some advice on how to practise sport in a healthy and secure way.

Other platforms that provide specific content about sports and sports-wear, or even the “hashtags” in Twitter, are also effective advertising strategies where we will have impact, because we will know that the people watching our campaigns will share the same interests with what we have to say.

We firmly believe that the combination of all these social media tools, will help Nike achieve the desired sales.


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