I am committing for lent my phone

am giving up my phone for lent because i spend way to much time on it playing games and texting. giving up my phone is a good idea because i spend time doing things twenty four seven.

the biggest challenge is giving it up itself i wont be able to play games on it or do anything on it until lent is over. I wont be able to text or talk to my friends until lent is over i would only be able to talk to them at school. And when i give up my phone it feels like forever to get it back that is why i like lent it is challenging to give up something that you use everyday and something that you love so much and see it go away for 40 days that is what makes lent challenging to me.but lent also helps me get closer to god and not my phone and being closer to god is a good thing and that is when he might answer your prayers and you could learn more about his sacrifice that he did for us he died on the cross to save us.

I can over come these challenges by replacing my phone with something else. if i replace my phone for 40 days it wont be so bad or i could just think about something else besides my phone so i wont have to worry about it these stradiges helped me with the past couple of lents


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