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What we've covered so far...

  • In Lesson 6, we talk about ways we can keep our physical bodies healthy by choosing to eat healthy food, drink water, exercise, and practice self-care. We also practice pacing ourselves while running. Each girl’s goal before next time is to choose to do a healthy habit she does not usually do. Try helping her choose healthy!
  • In Lesson 7, we talk about what choosing to be grateful means. They learn that being thankful for what we have, gives us “star power” and a positive attitude about our life. We also connect being grateful with helping others. The girls will run their personal best for about 40 minutes, while making lists of ideas for our service project at the end of the season!
  • We skipped 8. In Lesson 9, we discuss choosing how we define beauty. We explore a new definition of beauty—inner beauty. We play running games that help us think about things on the inside that make people beautiful, and how this helps us think positive about ourselves and others.
  • In Lesson 10, the girls learn what cooperation means. They are able to practice cooperating with each other by listening, sharing ideas, and following others’ lead. The team works together to come up with a goal to work on until next time. While it would be great if everyone could always work together and cooperate with each other, sometimes the girls feel pressured by others instead.
  • In Lesson 11, the girls practice how to stand up to peer pressure with a game that helps them learn to STOP and take a BrThRR (breather) when they feel pressured. This strategy teaches them to STOP, BREATHE, THINK, RESPOND, & REVIEW which helps them step back and figure out how they feel instead of making a decision too quickly.

Talk to your girl on the run...

  • 1. Name some healthy habits we do every day.
  • 2. What can we do to be more physically healthy?
  • 3. Why is being thankful a choice and not just something that happens?
  • 4. Let’s each say why we are grateful to have each other.
  • 5. Why should we value inner beauty more than the way we look on the outside?
  • 6. Let’s each share something we feel makes us beautiful on the inside.
  • 7. What is cooperation?
  • 8. How do you and I cooperate every day?
  • 9. What is peer pressure?
  • 10. Do you remember the STOP and take a BrThRR strategy? Will you tell me about it?


Ms. Anna Zink for perseverance. She kept moving forward even with a hurt foot!

Ms. Faith Rheams for hustling to reach her goals. She did not give up even when everyone was starting to slow down!

Ms. Hayley Hopwood for the creative cheer she made up and the courage to stand up and say the cheer to the group!

Ms. Gabby Norris for setting a goal and achieving it!

Ms. Sierra Purdue for guessing the secret phrase and encouraging other to keep moving forward!

Ms. Elisabeth Levasseur for coming to practice even though she was sick and never gave up!


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