Power Weeks in Texas-West is starting February 20th (Wk 8) to help kickstart the second half of your 1st Quarter and build on our momentum.
The purpose of 1st Quarter Power Weeks is to help support the Tx-W 2017 mission of a $1,000,000 increase in Associate Income, and help you win this Quarter! BAM!!!
When we set clear goals, work together, build game-plans, and give maximum effort, GOOD THINGS HAPPEN.
The Tx-W Contest will run Weeks 8-11, and will reward Associates and Coordinators who are lighting it up!!
Power Weeks is about digging deep... and achieving more than you thought possible.
And there's plenty to fight for in 2017...
Great things happen when you set your mind to something you care about...
I encourage you to hand-write your personal goals for the rest of the 1st Quarter.
It all starts with your personal beliefs ...
And your personal GRIT.
Be introspective and adjust your mindset if need be ...
Now is YOUR time. Have a crystal clear vision... set meaningful goals... build a good strategy... AND TAKE ACTION!
Stay focused ...
Plan your calendar around your goal ...
Utilize every 3/1 and 4/1, and circle back to any 1/1's or 2/1's that were missed. Bam!!
Make the calls to find "new employees" in every existing account ...
ABC New Accounts --- Always Be Closing. Challenge yourself to achieve a New Account target.
Leave no stone unturned and knock-out every enrollment possible.
Be ready to move forward with Plan B when things don't go as planned ...
If you have mental toughness and grit, you will find the opportunities you need.
"Continuous effort" will be required of you in order to win.
Four weeks... one goal!
Light it up in POWER WEEKS 8-11 !!!
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