remnants of a time soul & rhapsody

the tiniest slice of time can hover, shimmering in momentary stillness

the nature connection

each ray of natural inspiration is a reminder to notice and appreciate what is here and now, in all its ephemeral beauty

giving attention to the process & finding the moments in between the moments

collaborations & photography
custom handcrafted headpieces
noka house [ubud, bali]
lazy cats café [ubud, bali]
creative team
Robyn Dang - Creative Assistant / Logistics
Emir Sergo - Photographer
Soul & Rhapsody - Maker / Photographer
Juno Pchel - Make Up Artist
Maey x Elena - Muse
Tennessee Perkins (Sky Creative) - Stylist
Robyn Dang - Creative Assistant

in a world in constant flux, moments like these can feel like time is winking at us - these moments are found in the details of life, if we can slow down, be present and pay attention long enough to notice

recognise that this is not the end of the story

decide what you will do


Soul & Rhapsody

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