Taima Alharam Full Frame Independent Assignment

Free as a feather

Stars on Earth

Magic in a bottle

Birdy want a cracker

It's Time

to bloom

From rust to dust

We nailed it !

The maps of a brick wall


This independent assignment helped me get more familiar with me camera, for example I realized that the closer I am to the object the more I lose focus. I enjoyed going around, looking for items that have details or that are full of colour. when I started taking the photographs I was intrigued by the amount of detail there are in the images even though my camera lens is not desgined to take extreme closeup shots, this lens did a great job in capturing the intricate details. In this assignment I learned how to adjust the focus in the camera to capture the best images. I would have liked to get closer to my object, to eliminate any negative space around the objects but if i got to close the image would lose its focus and the photograph would have a terrible quality. All in all I enjoyed taking up close picture and seeing great amount of detail in small objects.


taima alharmĀ 

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