"So it Goes" Slaughter House Five

“Everything is alright and everyone has to do exactly what he does. I learned that on Tralfamadore”(198).
“Billy knowing the plane was going to crash pretty soon, closed his eyes, traveled in time back to 1944. He was back in the forest in Luxembourg again-with the Three Musketeers. Roland Weary was shaking him, bonking his head against a tree.”(156).
“The Americans and four of their guards and a few dressed carcasses were down there, and nobody else. The rest of the guards had, before the raid began, gone to the comforts of their own homes in Dresden. They were all being killed with their families” Pg. 177
“Lazzaro was talking to himself about people he was going to have killed after war…” (143).
"Still-they has opened for business, had polished the glasses and wound the clocks, and stirred the fires, and waited and waited to see who would come(181)."

By Stephanie Renteria, Lorne Baskin, Isamar Botello


Created with images by pedrosimoes7 - "Abstraktes Bild (Nº 635) (1987) - Gerhard Richter (1932)" • Royal Opera House Covent Garden - "The Dresden Bombing, February 1945" • Seabamirum - "passover" • Archives New Zealand - "Peter McIntyre, Air raid at Monte Cassino, February 1944"

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