Google Keep's homepage says "Save your thoughts, wherever you are."

  • Take notes
  • Make lists
  • Capture photos and audio
  • Digital dictation
  • Location-based reminders
  • Labels and Color coding
  • Sharing and collaboration
  • Quick search
  • Sync across devices

Download Keep app to your smartphone

Tip #1 Digital Dictation

On mobile app, click microphone icon

  • Record voice memos
  • When you stop talking, the transcription will automatically pop up on the screen.
  • The transcription becomes a new note.
  • Title your note
  • Notes may have photos, drawings, recording and checkboxes.
  • Additional edits available date & time, location, colors, labels and collaborators
  • Feature in mobile app only, syncs with web

Tip #2 Optical Character Recognition

Basically meaning it can read your handwriting and transcript to text for you.

  • Take or load photo of handwritten notes.
  • Select "Grab Text Image"
  • Keep will transcribe for you.
  • It's not perfect, but you can edit.
  • Annotate, highlight, draw

Tip #3 Drawing

The pen has custom features.

Handwritten words in drawings can be searchable.

Tip #4 Notes integrate with Google Docs in the TOOLS menu.

Tip #5 Color code, label and set reminders to keep you organized.

Tip #6 Enable reminders on the Google Calendar app. Reminders created in Keep will sync with Calendar. It can be tricky. Make sure both apps are logged in with the same Google account. The Help Desk forums can walk you through the process.

Tip #7 Reminders can also be set based on location. You have to manually type the address.

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