The transition period is not only for our students but for all of us as well. I want to congratulate you because i`ve seen all of you doing the best you can as you try to comfort crying children, guide them in their routine and also getting to work on time and being flexible enough to adapt to last minute changes according to your students needs. THANK YOU!



  • Orders should be made by Tuesday 2:00pm for approval.
  • Your monthly budget is $30
  • Keep in mind that the material will arrive on Friday of that week.


  • Core teachers- Make sure your students have washed their hands and gone to the restroom before heading to the cafeteria.
  • Core Teachers- Please sit all your students, check they all have something to eat and be ready to pick them up at 1:40.
  • Duty Teachers- Are responsible for warming up the students food.
  • Duty Teachers- Remind students to walk in the cafeteria, sit correctly, and use good maners during lunch time.


  • Music class will be hosted in the classrooms until the class is ready. Giselle will contact you directly to let you know.
  • If you specialist class is scheduled at 8:00 you should be there by 8:05 the latest. Make sure to speak to your parents about the importance of punctuality and remind them that at 8:00 students are expected to be in class.
  • If any of your specialists is schedules during dismissal time 12:15 or 2:45 please use the back stairs to return to your class.


  • Playgroup:Wednesdays 1:00pm
  • Pre-K: Wednesday 1:30pm
  • Kinder:Thursdays 3:15pm


Today they bar codes should have been sent out to parents to download the SEE SAW APP. Below you will find the guidelines and please remember to always make sure to check for background view and sound.

Once a month- Child Connection all grade levels (Individual connection to the parent about their child)

Biweekly Newsletter- PG, and PRE-K

Montly Newsletter- Kinder

Every Friday: Classroom Feed (Upload max 5 pics or videos of in-class activities that reflect learning)


  • Bus students need to come out at 12:25 and 2:55.
  • If you have students that haven´t been picked up, bring them to the reception after 12:40 or 3:05.
  • Safety first- Please make sure that during this transition times you must count all your students.
  • During dismissal keep doors closed and only open it up to for students that have their card and their parent is at the door.


  • Please bring your student to see the Nurse if there is a major necessity to do so.
  • Teachers are required to stay with ill students for up to 15 minutes.
  • If there is an emergency notify your Principal or IF so we could step in to help.



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