Digital Autobiography Sarah Sturdivant


My earliest memory of technology is using my family computer in the living room to play educational computer games. I used floppy disks and a child-friendly mouse. The games were simple but very fun. This was my first exposure to what I consider "technology".

Elementary School

We would go to the computer lab once a week to play computer games or practice our typing skills. The computer lab was the only place we had computers. They were big, blue Macintosh desktops. At home I played Barbie Horse Adventures and learned how to troubleshoot. I never considered that technology was supposed to be an influential part of my curriculum.

Middle School

In middle school, I got my very first piece of personal technology: an iPod Nano. I downloaded songs on it and took it on field trips to listen to with friends. Our middle school had a nice computer lab and a mobile cart with laptops. We used them for projects but mostly goofed around. In 8th grade, I got an iPod Touch. I download social media apps for the first time. I loved to message my friends on Facebook.

high school

In high school, technology started to come into the classroom through Smartboards, iPads, and laptops. Teachers became more tech-savvy and the technology curriculumm improved. There were some glaring problems with some technology not being used in effective ways, but overall it was successful. Outside of school, I got my first iPhone and iPad. Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat became a huge deal. Social media was king, for better or for worse.


Technology is now an integral part of my life. I feel as if my personal technology and school-based technology are inseparable. Professors rely heavily on computers and online resources. We are expected to produce more content than ever before. With a world of knowledge at our fingertips and a tidal wave of media crashing down on us constantly, we must be the pioneers of how to make this new-age knowledge fit into the academic realm.


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