Andrew Carnegie ANNA JIA

Andrew Carnegie: A Captain of Industry

1. Carnegie was very involved in his business. He was known to micromanage his company, resulting in accurate and higher-quality business reports. This allowed him to maximize the benefit he gained from the steel industry.

2. His use of vertical integration allowed him to maximize profit. By being the first user of this innovative method of producing steel, Carnegie not only revolutionized the industry for everybody, but he also made enormous personal gains.

3. His wealth was not only used for his own leisure, but also for various charities. Carnegie's generous donations allowed many great foundations to do greater good in the world.

Carnegie's charitable efforts involved him in many great programs, and led him to found the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a global network that still exists today, focused on maintaining global peace and bettering the overall government safety of the world.

Andrew Carnegie built Carnegie Hall, a beautiful addition to the New York City atmosphere that houses great music halls and performances of the highest caliber.

Carnegie's contributions to the steel industry allowed for great expansion of railroads and city buildings.

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